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    Kenyatta High School Taita::Home

    Kenyatta High School – Taita is a full boarding, 4 streamed boys National school located in Mwatate town, Taita Taveta county in Kenya. It is one of the best Schools in Kenya.  It offers a wide range of curriculum and a variety of co-curricular activities making it a centre of excellence in Taita Taveta County and Kenya in general.

    The school works to develop learners with great skills/potential to venture in various professions in the country.  It also natures students’ talents, spiritual growth and develops their moral and social values – making them respectful of themselves and others.

    As a school we have developed a good relationship with the surrounding community and other educational institutions.  Through this we develop understanding citizens who will particiKenyatta High School students with Mr. Keya (left) and Mr. Waiganjo (right) just before their performance at the National Drama Festivals in 2010pate, care and be responsible in the tasks of nation building.

    We hope you will get more from our website. We would also like to hear from you by contacting us.

    Some of our students just before performing a narrative at the National Drama Festivals 2010 in Kisumu. With them are Mr. Keya (left) and Mr. Waiganjo (right).





    Mr. Severin Tole

    School Principal.


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